Day 1 - Bringing It From Wisconsin...

...and I am not talking about the training or fitness, I am talking about the weather!

The day started as planned with a 75min swim session this morning.  For all of you who like training, we swam the following:

3x300 choice easy on 15s rest

4x200 as drill/swim/drill/swim on 20s rest
- #1 6-3-6 drill
- #2 1 arm
- #3 choice
- #4 stroke form focus

2x through the following:
- 3x100 band only on 1:30
- 4x50 descend on :50
- 100 easy

5x300 pull with paddles cruise good form on 4:00

300 easy cool down

The plan was to ride for 3-4hrs at 1pm, but mother nature had other ideas.  The temp dropped to around 40* and rain started mixing with snow...with a 30mph wind, it was just too rough and the ride got called.

In place of the ride I rode 90minutes indoors (pretty chill) and then added a 45-60min jog later in the afternoon.  There will be another 1-2hrs of riding added tomorrow to make up for things today, so all in all, as longs the weather comes around, we should be in good shape for thursday's BIG day.


For those of you who wanted to know the menu, you can be rest assured that there is nothing too exciting on the menu today.  The theme was definitely oatmeal, with 2 rounds of that coming 630am and then again at 10.

More to come tomorrow!!



Thomas Gerlach said…
What is planned for Thursday's big day?

Thomas Gerlach
Professional Triathlete
Blake Becker said…
We'll start with a solid 100mi to Medera. Then run and swim later on.

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