Taper Time

Around this time every year for the past decade, I start to get a little more excited than I typically do for my Ironman taper.  There is something special about Ironman Wisconsin.  Most people say it's because I know people out there on course, or because I grew up here.  I think that is part of it, but I also think that this race is something special for me because it was my first...and we all know about what that means!

I train on this course every day.  Each time out there I gather more and more energy, visualizing the race that I believe is possible, learning every up and downhill and figuring out what I am going to do in every scenario that could possibly arise.  Even then, being open to expecting the unexpected.

I have had some of my best training sessions on these roads.  Breakthrough days when I set the pavement on fire.  THESE are the days that I will be drawing from.

Then there is the support.

My family, who never once wavered in their belief of what was and is possible. They have been amazing and something that I will use when I am the supporter.

My friends.  From those who I haven't seen in 10 years and send me good luck messages, to those who I regularly interact with in this sport. They are the ones on bike throughout the day, yelling their heads off, giving encouragement and letting me know what is going on around me.

My team. This group inspires me every day!  From those who are upbeat and peppy when I am not, to those who show determination and make breakthroughs that they never thought possible.  They keep things in perspective for me.

Bib #2

#2, #2, # there is only one way to go from here!  I am motivated, excited and we all can relate to the analogy of the carrot and the rabbit.  I am not the carrot, I am the rabbit...and I am very hungry to get where I know I belong and to get what I know is mine!

See you all out there!!



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