Rolling along

First half of week ending 8 weeks out. Weather is still FREEZING and windy.  The sun would be nice for the coming weekend!

Monday - 

Swim - 4.5k SCY total with 20x100 on 1:10, holding 1:05-1:07

Bike - After mod-long ride of 3hrs ending with 8x4min at threshold on 1min recovery. Focus was on the flats today.

Tuesday - 

Run - Easy 60min yog

Swim - 4k LCM with 6x400 on 6min. Holding 5:15-5:20 steady

Wednesday - 

Bike - 130km with 4x8min uphill and 30k flat TT

Run - Off the bike

Thursday - 

Run - 22km with 12km of threshold work through rolling terrain. 

Swim - 4k LCM - 12x200 holding 2:32-2:30. Intervals on 3min, 250 and 240. Tempo work today.


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