Rolling With The Punches...

Throughout life we are dealt many different cards....some are great and some we would rather forget about. To make it a little bit easier to deal with the tough times, we have to just roll with the punches, however or whenever they come, we have to just do what can and keep moving forward.

Today I was out on my last key ride before the California Half Ironman next Saturday and was dealt some not so favorable cards. I was having a great ride ride and seeing solid watts for the amount of training that I have been putting in (not a ton).

Half way through the first of my 3, 20minute intervals, a bee flew straight into my mouth and stung me.....awesome. The ride was off to a great start. I finished my second interval with no issues and then I had about 90seconds left on my third interval when I was coming up to a four way stop where I always turn right. There was no traffic, so I took the turn with a little bit of speed. Well as I went into the corner, i blew out my front tire and before I knew it, I was on my back. Complete with road rash, a scuffed helmet (thank you Rudy for saving my head for the third time).

...yes, my first thot was, "how is my baby...I mean bike?" haha, it was ok. It landed on top of me, so scuffed bar take was the only mark. I got up and decided that I would try to ride home. I just needed to change my flat. So i got out my spares... #1 - failed, #2 - the stem was not long enough for the now that wasn't an option......awesome!

I called for a ride, but had no luck, so I spent the next 45min hitchhiking and finally got a ride from a local who was nice enough to drive me the 20-25minutes back into town.

After I got cleaned up, things aren't too bad. I have road rash on my ankle, knee, hip, hands and arm....but nothing too bad. The only questions are my ankle, which hit the pavement pretty hard and is swollen, and my hip which is also a bit puffy.

So, I am just going to roll with these punches and get back as soon as my body let's me. There is nothing else I can do now. I just hope that I got the back luck out of my system for the year and don't have any more close calls.

Be safe out there everyone and make sure that your helmet is fit correctly!



Sue said…
Wow Peter, I mean Blake..please ride with your mouth many times do I have to tell you that...:) Do we need to get you a new helmet...sorry for the luck...see you soon...
Kurt Perham said…

WHere were you? Glad you got a cool person to drive you back.

ice those parts, you'll be good next sat!

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