Boxing Day and Banalla

Lately, two posts in one week is pretty rare for me...but I thought I need to get better at giving updates.

The last week was a good one, both in terms of having a good holiday and getting the training rolling. After a Christmas celebration with Chris' family (which was great), we set out on a long ride the next morning (Boxing Day). Despite feeling a bit ill (from the day before) it ended up being a beautiful ride up to the mountain top town of Falls Creek. Before the day was done, we had 170+ km in the legs (30 km of which were climbing) and well over 6hrs in the saddle.

The following day, we decided to head over to the small town of Banalla, for a sprint race that started at 5pm. It is a bit weird to be getting ready for a triathlon at 3pm, but I rolled with it. There was quite a bit of fatigue in the legs, but I still ended up having a pretty good race!

Today we recovered a bit with our new favorite card game of Uno and planned out NYE Day ride and festivities. Should be another fantastic week in Albury. The time is flying and before I know it, I will be in New Zealand (Jan 13th).

I hope everyone had a great holiday and has a safe new year!



Kurt P. said…
so much for easing back into it eh?

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