The Barber Shoppe, The Bats and The Navy

Today I have a few more interesting things to write about, so I threw together a quick blog. The body is really starting to come around and I am going better and better with each session. I have to say that this is the best I have ever felt running 8-9hrs a week. I am excited to keep it rolling.
#1 The bats. Yesterday on our second ride of the day we heard what we first thought were monkeys, then birds...and then we looked up...what did we see? The giant fruit bats of the Philippines. The bats are some of the largest in the world and are VERY freaky to see in person. They weigh around 2.5lbs and have a wing span of over 3 feet. Wild!!!
#2 The barber shoppe. I decided to get a haircut the other day, just to compare to what we get in the states. My is a MUCH better deal here...$1US for a cut. In addition to the cut, you also get shaved, coated in baby powder, rubbed with alcohol and then it is all finished off with some karate chops, a massage to head, neck, face and back and you are on your way! For some reason I can't see Great Clips or Cost Cutter implementing these services.
#3 The Navy. In a matter of hours, the small town of Subic has gone from quiet and tranquil, to packed with thousands of Marines. We had a number of Navy Ships come into port today (3 or 4), including a few aircraft carriers. One was full of choppers and Harrier Fighter Jets. They are very cool to see up close. The Navy is also a career where you get to see a lot of the world.
I hope everyone else is doing well. I heard Wisconsin had snow, which actually sounds pretty good right now. However, I know any of you would trade places with me in a second, so I won't wish I was there. I will send another update soon!


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a great place to train in. Not so sure I'd like the 'bats' - 3ft wing span is crazy big. It would've been pretty funny if one landed on your helmet...

Happy Birthday...enjoy, what are you 25? :)
J & S
Unknown said…
Hi Blake!

Tried to call you on your birthday...forgot your had plans to train over seas. We hope you are doing wonderfully! We were flipping through TV channels recently and THERE YOU WERE! It was coverage from the Ironman Madison. We couldn't believe it!

We miss you like crazy and we'd love to hear from you if you get a minute.

Matt, Ellen, and Maya Wilson
PS...we are parents! Our daughter was born Sept 28; what a life-changing event!

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