New Level....

Well, it seems that we have figured out a few things based on my last few rides....

#1 - I built a lot of fitness late in the season.

#2 - I was very tired out there racing at IMWI

#3 - It took 4 weeks to recover from that training

#4 - It is going to set me up well for Kona.

My long ride today was far and above anything that I have seen. Normalized power was 278 watts, with zero fading (I am 70kg's). This is is 27 watts higher than my best ride this summer, which was before IMCDA....that is about 10%...which is A LOT.

I think that I have spent so much of my short athletic career over reached, tired, under fed and focused on a few things that probably don't really matter. When I walk around shelled, 40 weeks out of the year, it is easy to think that is what is 'normal' and what I 'should' be feeling. I am not going to go into any more detail, but will just say that a few things are going to change.

I am really looking forward to having fun in kona and putting together what we all know is there.



Unknown said…
Nice and congrats on the great ride! Those are some amazing numbers! It is amazing what rest will do for you, huh? Great job and I'll be rooting for you at Kona!

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