Just a short post on IMWI.

Thanks for all the great emails, calls and texts. It was not my day out there, but I did breakthrough with a 52:16 swim and started the bike with the leaders. I rode along in 4th for a while and then slipped to 8th, then made it back up to 6th before I flatted at mile 60. After that I just didn't have any strength on the bike. I ran ok for about 15mi, before stomach probs forced me to slow.

I did finish. This is something that I believe you always have to do unless you have a medical reason. I will now recover for a week before continuing to move forward. Thanks for reading!




Sue said…
Thanks for the update, saw your great swim time, watched you all day, saw the finish via computer...we cheered you on and on and on...
sentania said…
Thanks also for the update, I was wondering how your day went.

Congrats on the swim, that is AWESOME. Best of luck in Kona - you'll have a blast!
gary said…
Blake, saw you on the course a number of times, and you were so nice, even though it wasn't your day. You showed more class than I've seen in quite a while, and even though you were hurting, to stay in there and finish showed this age grouper that you're the real deal. I applaud you, and wish you nothing but better days on your journey.

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