Well, I knew that I would start to get tired eventually, but luckily I have something that keeps me going out there. Coffee's Of Hawaii makes some pretty strong/great stuff that I REALLY look forward to each morning.

Infact, I have given up sugar and alcohol in these last 6 weeks and at first I missed them, but now I only look forward to my HUGE pot...i mean cup of coffee in the morning and a big bowl of oatmeal. Mmmmmmmmmmm! The above picture is probably what I look like if you seem me out training right now, except my form isn't as good as the coffee man

Not much to post, just an update that things are going well. 10 down and 14 days to go in this build!!!!


Oh yeah, a quick post on the Olympics. Amazing is all I can say. From the opening ceremonies, to Phelps, to the 4x100 relay lastnight....just awesome. I helps me get out the door!!


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