"Backing It Up"

I am now 8 days into my 24 day block and I have been putting in some serious volume. I have decided to rename the training block to the "Backing It Up Block." This means that I will not only be putting in long hours, but backing those long hours up with more long hours.

As the days go by, the body still feels good. I love working hard, but the only thing that allows me to do it is the fact that I have almost no training above half ironman pace and have zero distractions outside of training. This means that I am doing everything I can to recover on a daily basis.

My daily routine follows below, feel free to integrate them into your own training and see what they do to your recovery time:

- 2-3 self massage sessions of 20min

- An ice bath

- Compression socks all the time

- A water bottle that doesn't leave my hand

- Naps

- Lots of sleep at night

- A LOT of good food.

- Fueling myself WELL during all sessions

I am one third of the way through and so far I have just over 45hrs of training banked with 31km in the water, 24hrs of riding(almost 800km) and 8.5hrs of running.

Take that volume, triple it...then add in two weeks of taper and you have our plan going into IMWI. Oh yeah....I will racing IMWI about 5-7lbs lighter than IMCDA..that should help the run a bit as well.

Train hard!



jameson said…
blake... what's up dude? It sounds like you hitting it very hard. Keep the updates coming. I have asked you a couple of questions in the past and have another request.... I am just curious.

With all the training you are putting in what does typical day of eating consist look like? I would just be interested in how you are timing your meals and what you are eating to make sure you are recovering and fueled up for the next session.

that's it.
Kurt P. said…
Jameson, his diet is this.

AM : coffee, apple
Lunch : on the bike, eat what you want
Dinner: salad, slice of bread

Blake Becker said…
Yes, what KP said....if I get hungry, I just drink more coffee and the caffeine kills my craving.

J/K...honestly dude, I just eat a lot and eat all the time. The most important thing is to be fueled for your training. Everything else takes care of itself.

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