"It's Just One Workout"

I have talked to a few other coaches about athletes who sometimes get upset or worked up over a bad session or workout. As much as try to design a training plan that yields successful key sessions, we are not machines and sometimes we "just don't have it."

There are so many variables that go into our performance on a daily basis. A few examples include; fueling before/during/after previous workouts, sleep during the previous week, anxiety, hydration, weather, our mental attitude toward the session....and the list goes on.

Sometimes we can't pin a failed workout on anything specific, we "just had a bad day." Just like we have days where it all clicks, we also have days where nothing does! It happens to everyone and the best thing you can do is just put it out of your head and keep rolling. Don't try to make up for it in the next session. Just continue as you normally would. Remember, you can't control anything in the past...all you can just learn from it.

So next time you have an off day, don't sweat it. Just learn from it, figure out what may have caused it (if you can) and move on.


On the training front, all is well on this end. I have hit 23, 27 and around 31 hours this week. I have been integrating some new stuff into my training that I will talk about in the coming weeks. I have one more week in this training block and then I am headed out to Boulder for a weekend for get some testing done, as well as catch up with some friends.

I also have some exciting training news regarding this coming winter....let's just say that my passport and visa are ready to go ;)

Have a great weekend, good luck to all racing at Boulder Peak, Lake Placid, Spirit of Racine and Vineman.



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