Reflection and a 5 Week Summary

I think that after this week of training, I have proven a lot to myself. I will be sharing a few thoughts and reflections after Ironman Coeur d'Alene. I have realized a lot in these last 5 weeks...and not just about triathlon.

Here is my week 5 summary, which ended with my best big day and long run of this build. I am excited and looking forward to executing in a few weeks.

Total Hours: 27:02
Total Swim - 6:24 - 24,848 yds
Total Bike - 13:36 - 269 miles
Total Run - 6:12 - 55 miles
Total Strength - 1:00


Anonymous said…
I am always impressed by your #s at the end of each week.

Looks like a very hard week of training...great job!
Blake Becker said…
Thanks guys....but only one number counts, and that is what that clock says on june 22. ;)

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