One Day Closer...

Well, I have been in CDA since Monday and everything has gone really well. I woke up today and felt "normal" for the first time in a long time. No niggles, no soreness, no tightness, just felt good. The best part is that I have 3 more days to rest. I have just about everything taken care of as far as bike maintenance, errands, etc. I just have to register later today, hit the grocery store again and then finish up a little coaching work.

This morning I headed down to the Gatorade Swim and it was pretty entertaining. Usually you see athletes in wetsuits with one logo of whatever brand they are rollin'. But today, because of the water there were people with branding everywhere. Neoprene caps with a logo, wetsuits with a logo, booties with a logo...pretty damn funny actually.

The water temp has dropped a bit in the last few days. It has been windy, which has churned up the lake. I also think that the warmer temps have cause more snow to melt and run into the lake. I am not wearing booties and seem to be fine in just a neoprene cap. The only issue is that after about 25-30min of swimming, I can't keep my fingers together. I'll manage.


Thank you to everyone that has sent good luck texts, calls and emails. I apologize for not returning them, but I am just focusing on getting done what needs to be done. I will have plenty of time to discuss the race, course, etc in the few weeks following the race.

I will try to post again before the race, but if not I will write up a brief summary on Sunday night or Monday. The race begins in Sunday at 6:25am Pacific Time. You can follow at It is very easy, just go to the site and you will be able to figure it out.



Anonymous said…
First off, GOOD LUCK Sunday!

Second, I have tagged you to answer 5 questions about running. They are in my blog, just copy the five questions and answer them on your blog, I'd love to read what you think :)

Jen and Shane

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