Searching For That 1%

I was talking to my coach, Kurt, the other night regarding recovery during this tough block of training.

Normally, we all have our usual recovery techniques that we practice each night (barring bowling, laser tag, mini-golf or a beer of course ;) But when we step things up, we often forget to step up our recovery. The challenge becomes, "how can I get my body able to do what I need it to, tomorrow?" We called it the extra 1%!

So here are a few recovery tips that I use, that you might want to try:

1) I wear compression socks or tights everywhere. Sounds stupid, but it has made a big difference for me. Especially since I tend to have very tight lower leg muscles.

2) I take an ice bath after all long or hard runs.

3) I make sure to eat A LOT during training and quite a bit after too. The reason is because if we deplete our glycogen stores during training, it places us in a big(ger) hole that we need to climb out of, when the session is over.

4) I use my TP Massage products at least 4x per day....ok, you might not have time for this, but use them as much as possible. If you don't have them, get them. If you are in a pinch, you can massage yourself for 5-10min before bed. Combine this with stretching and you will notice a difference.

5) I take care of the little "niggles" that I feel. It is inevitable. When you train hard, you will have aches and pains. Make sure it isn't anything to be too worried about and take care of them. Massage, ice, heat, stretching.

6) I take a nap every day and make sure to sleep AT LEAST 8.5hours every night!

7) Lastly, I listen to my body. We all have a breaking point and we don't want to reach it!

Employ a few, or all of these during your next tough training block and you may find it just that little bit easier!


The last few days of training have been going well. But today I think I needed 2%, instead of that extra 1% ;)

More updates soon.


p.s. I may be checking this out this weekend with some friends! Should be awesome if I can swing it!!


Lars Larson said…
Hey, Blake! I just found your blog. I am doing Lake Stevens this year in hopes of breaking under I wanted to read your report of last year's race.

Things you and I have in common:

We both ride Trek. We both do triathlons. We both use the very same blog template.

Other than that I am not sure but one thing is certain. You race. I slog.

I was in Madison in 2006 and crashed my bike on that corner onto Garfoot...rode another 50 miles in the rain and wind with a broken derailer and cramping quads and had to quit. I finished CDA last year in the 15h30m I would have no advice for you on that one either...but I will be watching your blog and cheering you on.

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