Last weekend of training Day 1

Today is done and it was a gooooood one. Finally warm, no arm/leg warmer weather. It was about 80* during my run.

The morning started out with an open water swim in Lake Monona with my friends John and Fritz. About 45min of swimming, ending with some hard efforts. Was was probably about 60*.

I then rolled out and rode the IMWI course and split 5:07:51 for the 180km. This included slowing for 2 water stops, 2 poty breaks, traffic signals and rolling through the towns along the route. TSS was 290. I originally wanted to shoot for sub 5 today, but it was just too windy, gusty to 30mph.

Run off the bike at IM pace.....and that's all she wrote for today.


May's riding is done and looking at my performance chart, I see that I rode 2080 km or about 1300 miles over 66.5hrs, with a TSS of 3157. This is about 20% higher than any previous month this I am happy.

More to come tomorrow.



Anonymous said…
You were hauling a** today on the bike. Shane and I gave you a little ol' shout out from the top of Midtown.

It was frickin windy out there today. :) Good training weather!

How was the water temp in Lake Monona? We'd like to start getting some open water swims in, but wondering how frigid it still is.

Kudos to you for the awesome training day! I think everyone at CDA better watch out for you.

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