It's almost time toooo.........


Of course, this significantly decreases my chances of attracting women. Not that I meet many out riding, or on my couch....but you never know.

So, I decided to make a list to help me decide what to do.

Top 5 Reason's to shave your head.

1. It makes you slower in the pool.
2. It makes you hot when running.
3. Bees don't hit you and bounce off, they get caught in your hair.
4. I look like a slob in the morning....especially when I don't shave for a week.
5. Shaving your head makes you look like a badass.

Top 5 Reason's to NOT shave your head.

1. Women
2. Women
3. Women
4. Women
5. Women

Since I don't have a woman or meet any women, I am shaving it!


Yesterday's training was pretty solid.

3k swim
4:15 ride with 90min of zone 3, was suppose to be 120min(but I couldn't hold the power)
20min T-run

Off to run......



ll said…
Great to hear your passion clearly overshadows the disappointments that you've had! Keep on going and the good (if not great) will come! Just stay healthy man.
MarkyV said…
dude... we are both such huge losers. ;)

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