Sometimes we just need to...

After my sickness during race week of Ironman Arizona I was feeling down.....REALLY down. Down to the point where I couldn't talk myself out of it. I knew that this race was behind me and that there was nothing that I could do to change my bad luck.
Even with knowing that, I didn't feel like I wanted to train....combine that with my vacation and the effect was magnified. I just wanted to sleep in, eat poorly and bitch about my bad luck....until now.
After acknowledging that my thoughts were just that, thoughts and chatting with my coach, Kurt, tonight. I am ready to HTFU and put the pedal to the metal for 6 weeks to get fast, lose the 5+lbs I gained since AZ and get mentally ready to crush it on June 22nd.
The only other race I am planning on right now is the Rockman Half Ironman on June 8.
Now, back to Survivorman and then off to Wisco to get rollin'


MarkyV said…
who cares about HTFU... what we wanna know is what did you do in Costa Rica? Have some fun I hope! :)
hey no problem..... have a lot ironman!!

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