Cali Update

Raced in Cali today at the Ford Ironman California 70.3 today and had a solid day. I finished 17th overall and gained a lot of confidence heading into IMAZ.

Here is a quick summary.

Swim: Missed the first group and lead the second off course at the turn....sorry guys. This ended up being ok, b/c I got back to them and was able to sit in, instead of lead.

Bike: All solo, Normal Power was 308 watts for the ride. This is a 28watt personal best for me. The course was VERY tough. Hills and a lot of wind. I refused to sit in and pushed almost the entire ride.

Run: Suffered a bit b/c of riding hard. I was aiming to run 1:17 and ended up with a 1:20. I feel like I gained 3min on the ride, pushing the pace, so I was ok with it.

I now feel like I am strong enough to ride with almost anyone at IMAZ...The only guy to pass me on the bike was Steve Larsen. We all know that his might be the strongest cyclist in triathlon, so I feel ok with it :)

I think with warmer water and a better warm-up, that front group would not have been an issue...I am going to believe that for now anyway.

I will post more updates and a race report soon. Now it is off to Timex Team Camp and then just 10 short days to Game Day in Tempe.

Hope all is well with everyone,


Results can be found at


luke_witkowski said…
Congrats on your strong finish in CA. Good luck in Arizona!
MarkyV said…

And your FTP is 335?

Sorry we didn't get to talk longer.


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