I really don't know what he was thinking making a video in his University of Miami sweatshirt....pretty awesome.

Anyway, the reason for the title and the video is to impress upon everyone that ice baths are "the single best recovery technique, hands down." a quote from my coach Kurt at

I will post some numbers after this week. Right now I am hitting some of my highest volume in a LONG time. Everything seems to be coming together. I don't feel that tired and I am getting faster and stronger with each passing day. The training is not beating me down like in past years.

So why am I not tired? Because everything I am doing, outside of training, is dedicated to recovery. Here is what I mean and what you can do.

#1 Ice baths after EVERY tough session

#2 Eating A LOT and often, no cutting cals. Food = Fast

#3 Sleeping A LOT...naps and 9hrs every night.

#4 Self massage/stretching EVERY NIGHT.

#5 Drinking water all the time.

Training is hard, but sometimes recovery is even harder. Everyone can train hard, but doing everything you can to absorb the training is what is going to make you faster.

Have a great week and remember that training goes beyond SBRing.



Anonymous said…
Ice baths, that has to be 'chilly' on the boys! Yikes...

We did a few of those after long runs last summer, but they take your breath away...

SWTrigal said…
Ice baths suck while doing them but are the best!
Kurt Perham said…
ice bath secrets:

wear a beanie (you loose heat through your noggin)

start with JUST cold tap water, submerge, cup the "junk", then pour the ice into the tub.

Besides hitting that glycogen window, finishing your bottles before you come in from the baths are second my list of the "details"

Keep it up B2.


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