Finding My Groove

Well, I have found my groove and am really starting to feel nice and fit. Best part is that I still have almost 3 months to my key spring Ironman.

Weekly Training Summary

Total Hours: 27:10

Swimming: 25,832 yds
Cycling: 262 miles
Running: 49 miles
Strength: 1 hour

The best workout was 17.5mi long pavement run on Sunday out at Lake Louisa. Warm-up followed by very hilly 7 miles at IM effort. Finishing with 7 miles rolling at IM HR 150-153, pace was surprising, at 6:20-6:40 per mile. This is very close to being faster than I was last summer.

Also, I found some great new shoes, Adidas Supernova Light 6. I am getting custom orthotics molded on monday to make them fit even better. They are are a good mix of cushioning in the forefoot and support, while weighing in at only 9oz.

Now, no thinking....just doing and results will take care of themselves. Another big week to come.

Go Packers Baby!!!!



hi blake.... how many 70.3 compite this year???

well trainning hard

Blake Becker said…
Probably at least 4. California, Florida(?), Boise, Lake Stevens and Clearwater.

How about you?

You can also check out my race schedule on my site.

Thanks for reading.

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