3 More Days Banked

The past 3 days have flown by. Training has been around 4-5 hours each day with some solid sessions. In between I am not doing too much besides coaching work, napping and eating. I need to recover the best that I can during this first block of training. It is always one of the toughest.

Today's bike session was the highlight of the week. It leads me to believe that I may have increased my FTP/LT slightly during the threshold focus I did in November and December. The ride was 3.5 hrs ending with 2x20min at HIM effort. The normalized power for the ride minus the warm-up and cool-down was around 255 watts (about 3hrs). The 20min effort were at 286 watts and 292 watts with HR only in the low 160's. This is about 15 watts higher than I saw last year. It is only one ride, so I won't get too excited just yet.


I went to the foot doctor earlier this week to get a follow up x-ray on my foot and I got some great news. He talked with me, looked at my foot and then took x-rays. He comes back into the room and says, "Who told you that you had a stress fracture(SF)?" He held up the image and there is NO fracture line and no sign of any bone healing...anywhere. He checked this from 3 different angles to confirm.

So here is the deal.

I told him that my SF had shown up on a bone scan. Well, apparently stress reactions (the step before a SF) also show up. He told me that this was likely the case. He also told me that I have fairly high arches in my feet, but because of the way my heel/foot naturally turn out, it looks like I have less of one.

He took one looked at my DS Trainers and said there is no way these can give me what I need in training. I was then shown how thoughout my stride, because I didn't have enough support, too much load is passed over to be second and third metatarsals.

Long story a little shorter :), I got shoes with a proper fit, have run twice and I have no pain or funny feeling.

All I have to say is that this proof that a second opinion is ALWAYS warranted. Lesson learned.

Have a great week....looking VERY cold for the Packer game!



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