This last week I have had some good sessions. Last Tuesday I had a great ride and after a recovery day on Wednesday I had a 20k interval run on Thursday that went extremely well, the mainset of the run was 800, 4x1600, 800 all at LT with 45sec recovery on the 800's and 90sec on the 1600's.

I decided to make sure my body was getting the most benefit from my training by taking a rest day on Friday. I had only one day completely off since I started training after Arizona(though I did have a few days of swimming only).

Today I hit it hard again. I started the day off with a 4k swim that included 3000 yds of LT swimming. The day was meant to simlulate race day stress, so I was on my bike within about 15min rolling over to the start of the Ironman Wisconsin course.

After a 20min warm-up, I went right into my mainset that I got from my good friend JD. 8x30min at ironman power on 5min easy spinning between. It went great, only problem was that my powertap cut out after the 3rd interval and worked after that off and on. It would reset every 10-15min. My 30min intervals targeted IM wattage on the flats, while I imposed a cap up LT watts on the hills(I admit that I had to go higher on many of the climbs to keep the momentum rolling).

Anyway, HR's for the intervals follow: 145, 151, 147, 143, 137(water stop), 143, 140, 145. Ride Time was 5:27 and 182km total. Solid day, pretty windy as well.

Run off the bike was good as well, 4k build to pace followed by 4k building to mod-hard finish. Avg HR 140. 36:xx total time.


On another note, JD's grandfather passed this last week. My best goes to him and his family.


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