Well, the two week 'recovery' period following IMAZ is over and even though I cycled quite a bit in the last 8 days, I feel good physically and 'nice n hungry mentally.

Ended last week with two solid rides:

Friday included:

60min 3500yd swim with a solid mainset of 400s 90% effort on 5:20(4:48), 200 easy, 600 70% effort(7:40), 200 easy, 400 90% effort(4:49), 200 easy, 500 TT (5:45). I was really happy with the 5:$5 b/c the truth was that I was not feeling that great in the water and still pulled off a good time.

3:50 ride, solid on all climbs, 120km total with ALOT of climbing.

Run of 52min and 11 km in the evening.

Saturday was easy with a 48min 10k run in the morning before heading up north for some pre-wedding festivities with a good friend from college.

I got back just in time on Sunday to head out(quite tired) for a 3:32 ride, I rode the ups at HIM effort and steady on the flats. Really windy. 113km total.


This week marks the start of a two week Epic training block where I will hopefully hit a few numbers that I have not seen in about a year. I will then rest for a few days before Ford Ironman Florida 70.3 on May 17. I will keep you posted on how things are rolling along.



sentania said…
Hope training goes well for you. Looking forward to racing you at Rockman.

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