Mar 6 & 7 with Spenco Cycling Gloves

Wenesday Mar 7

Today was a looong day and I need to head to bed, but I am now back in Orlando after a whirlwind was 24 hrs. After returning to Clermont, I headed out for an easy ride of 2:01 and 61 km. I rode my usual Bay Lake loop with several steady sections. It is amazing how fresh that one feels with rest.

After the ride I had to see what it was like to run on the ankle. I headed out for a 2 mile run off the bike and it actually went well. Nothing was irritated while running on the grass(soft surface) and just a slight discomfort on the pavement. Lets how it continues to get better :)

Anyway, the weather is great and it looks like it will stay that way right through the weekend. More to come tomorrow!


Tuesday Mar 6

Today I am in Kansas City, KS promoting some product for Spenco Ironman Products. They have a new cycling glove out this year that is SPECIFICALLY designed for triathletes and it works great. The entire back of the glove opens to FAST entry and exit through transition.

The glove also has 3 thick gel pads that are designed to keep your blood flowing through long hours on the bike. Seriously though, no bullshit, I used the gloves before becoming involved with Timex and Spenco. The last the longest out of any glove on the market. go check 'em out.

The is off from training, besides about 30min of core work, to hopefully heal up my ankle. The weather is great here this afternoon, 71*. The landscape really reminds me of Wisconsin.

I spoke to a group from the Kasas City Triathlon Club before one of their spinning classes. I demo'd some product, gave away some freebees and then talked at the class, as well as over a few beers at dinner. Chris Hess and his wife, Kerry, helped organize everything and it was great, I have a feeling that I made quite a few friends in KC and if I ever get the opportunity to speak again, I will be there in a second.

Ok, later gators...have a good night!


Anonymous said…
Hi Blake,

It was great to meet you at The Big Spin in Kansas City! I wish I could have stayed around and had a few libations with you, Chris, Kerri and the TriKC group. You are an awesome representative of the sport. Good Luck in Arizona! My coach Karen Buxton will be there too, so I will follow you both along the course. Once I get the nerve to step up to the full ironman distance (I'm up to Half's) I will definitely get a pair of the easy on Spenco gloves to help me go the distance!
Leslie Curley
Blake Becker said…
Thanks Leslie, it was great meeting you in KC as well. Best of luck to you in the coming year+ I will listen for your cheers in AZ!!!


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