Mar 4 & 5 - LIttle scare

Monday Mar 5

Well, today I got a little scare. I had a long run today that was a little over 20 miles/32km.

The format was 2miles wu, then 18miles averaging 3hr marathon pace(6:52). I got out and new right away that I would have no problem hitting the times. I went through 2 miles in about 15min and then pinned it at 6:50 pace and just cruised. I went through the 18 mile mark and felt great...just what I am looking for 6 weeks out.

Then, about a half a mile later I developed a sharp pain in my right dulled a bit, but continued to bother me. I did not have to stop and con't at pace through 20 miles, but I feared that it was a stress fracture. So, last night I headed in to the PT and got it checked out. The thought is that it is just a strained tendon, so I have two days of rest while I promote the new Spenco Ironman Gloves in Kansas City. This morning, the ankle is already feeling a lot better and I hope it continues.

Here is a quick summary of the day, as well as the past 7:

Today was 2:19 and 33 km of running. Followed by a 60min 3000 yds swim with a mainset of 60x25 3h/1e all with pads. Evening spin of 45min and 20km to help flush the legs out. A lot of ice, deep tissues massage and PT stuff.

The last 7 days have been good. A good combination of volume and intensity. Here is a sumnary of Feb 27 - Mar 5

Total Hours: 31:03

Total Swim: 8:14, 27,650 yds
Total Bike: 15:14, 484 km
Total Run: 6:20, 87 km
Weights: 1:15


Sunday Mar 4

Today was a recovery day with 3000 yds of easy swimming in an hour. That is it for the day. Good strength work and stretching in the evening. Actually felt good today. Yesterday didn't seem to take too much out of me and I was antsy to do more, but that is part of the deal with my final build and peak, I should feel like I want to do more.


Anonymous said…
That's a close call dude! Glad to hear everythings going to pan out.

You take it easy on that ankle! Your poised for an awesome day in Arizona....keep up the good work!

Enjoy Spenco and we'll see you in Oceanside.

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