Mar 3

Saturday Mar 3 (6 weeks out) - Big Day

The idea of today was to go longer and slightly harder than IM effort. One of my biggest fears when racing Ironman was riding too hard on the bike. A goal of mine before I started this build was to get past this. After today, I feel like I am. By training to go longer and harder than race effort, I don't have to worry about being 'forced' to ride a bit harder than I like at times when racing. I know that I can handle it and get right back in the zone.

Swam this morning. 1:20 and 5100 yds total. Started off with a 4500 straight swim mixing up efforts that ranged from easy to hard. The last 600 was a mix of some harder stuff with a cd at the end. 55* and windy/couldy at the pool.

On the bike about 30min after completing my swim. I decided to cut down the easy riding throughout this ride, as well as the top end stuff. I wanted to simulate the IMAZ course as much as possible. 3 loops, each one goes gradually up and down. Here was the structure of the ride:

30min build to steady
3x through:
(50 min IM watts
10 min easy
25 min HIM watts
5 min easy)
Then 45min of IM-HIM+ riding.

Total ride today was 5:43 and 194 km...good day!

BTW - Picture this...riding on a flat trail(Van Fleet), it is 50*, with a headwind, in monsoon like rains...after riding for 4hrs...SIMPLY_AWESOME!

Because I was mucho frio, I cut my t-run down to 5k in about 25min. Didn't feel too bad.

30min of core work later in the evening. Total time for the day was just over 8 hours. Time for a bit of recovery.


On another note, I don't wish a scratched cornia on anyone. It sounds absolutely terrible. Can't sleep, can't be around light and there is nothing the doc's can do. Talk about a million dollar idea, invent a cure!! Hope you feel better EMK :)


Jimmy Hinton said…
Yo, dude. You touch on something that has been a very big lesson for me recently.

Having access to you and Justin has allowed me to(re)define "training hard."

I guess I previously thought that if I put in enough miles at 20 mph, I'd one day be able to push 21 mph consistently with the same perceived effort. That may be, but it's not an efficient plan.

Listening to you two, and training under J's supervision, has done a lot to teach me that I won't become a faster swimmer, a stronger cyclist, or a more comfortable runner until I am willing to push beyond the "target" barriers in each discipline-the goal paces for the A race.

If I expect to cruise an HIM pinned at 200 watts, and to have legs to run with afterwards, I'd better be able to do the distance at a much higher wattage comfortably.

I know you already know this. I am sure everyone else reading this does to. So this is just a long winded thanks for being a part of my education.

Strong choice on red, btw.

Also-another $1mm pill form....genius.
Erin said…
Thanks Buddy - Sounds like an awesome day for you...much better than riding the trainer inside for 3 hours! Guess who's coming to Florida in 3 weeks?!?!
KJGrog said…
Way to go BB-3! Keep in straight..

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