Mar 28

Wednesday Mar 28

Today I had another good day...that almost wasn't. The swim was the highlight, so I will start there. I was SOOOO tired this afternoon, even after a 90min nap, that I almost didn't make it to the pool. Well, I finally made it there at about 4:30. Here was the swim, maybe the best times that I have seen thus far in this build. Funny how things work sometimes.

Warm-up: 600 mixed, 600 d/s


800p strong on 11:00 (9:48)
100 easy
4x400 swim hard on 5:30 (4:48,4:49)
100 easy
2x200 pull strong on 3:00 (2:14, 2:16)
100 easy
4x100 swim on 1:15 (1:09,1:11,1:10,1:12)

CD to 4k.

Morning was a good also. Last long run of the build. 1:45 total time and 24km. Here was the outline...all on the treamill. HR's were really high for me today...dehydration, tired...not sure. It was hot on the treadmill, no fans in there.

25min wu build to IM pace.

Then 5x through:
10min at IM 6:53 pace (150, 153, 153, 157, 156)
2min at HIM 6:00 pace (166, 167, 168, 168, 171)
3min recovery at 8:30 (139, 132, 144, 142, 147)

5min very easy cd.


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