Mar 27

Tuesday Mar 27

Good day today.

Swim first at Lake Louisa with Natasha. 50min total time, about 3000 yds. 10min wu, then 8x100 strokes(about 150 m) hard with swim back recovery. Cooldown gator sightings.

Directly onto the bike. 30min wu into

2 x 10:00 at IM effort with 5:00 recovery

2 x 5:00 at HIM effort with 2:30 recovery

4 x 2:30 at 40k effort wtih 1:30 recovery

Here is the data:

10:00 intervals : (#1 237w, #2 249w)

5:00 intervals : (#1 278w, #2 277w)

2:30 intervals : (#1 289w, #2 299w, #3 295w, #4 295w)

The data is not all that consistent because of the rolling hills and turns in the park. Had to do a few U-turns, etc. Happy about the ability to raise my HR.

Total ride was 1:40 and 51 km

Run off the bike of 6km and 22min. 800 hard off the bike HARD, then easy for 400, then IM pace to 5km. Ran well today on the roads. Exactly 6:52 per mile pace.

Massage with MONA.....finally she is back! In Clermont I have Mona, in Boulder I have Nikki and in Madison, I have Cindi. Thanks to all of you.


Time is really flying and I can't believe that my time is almost done here in Clermont. Graham and Stacy have been AWESOME and are truly very good people and some of the most generous people that I have met. Thanks guys!!!

Here is what I have planned for the next few weeks.

Long run tomorrow 1.75hrs
Easy day Thursday
Long ride Friday...3.5hrs

OFF - Sat to travel to Timex camp in San Diego
Sunday - Aerobic Maintanence day fairly easy

The next week I travel to Tempe to get my last few sessions on the course. I have 4 days with intensity on the bike/run...the other days are VERY low key.

You can follow the race on April 15th via I will post my bib number, etc as it gets closer.


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