Mar 15

"The New Rig"

Thursday Mar 15

Today was basically a total recovery day. I spent most of it getting my new ride ready to roll. Hopefully I can ride it as fast as it looks!!

Today was a mixed 2500 yds swim in 50min and 30min of strength work.


On another note, I am really starting to like Clermont as a place to train. The pool is AWESOME, the riding is great and the running about the same... it does get pretty hot some days and there are a lot of trucks on the roads, but you have stuff to deal with wherever you go, right???

Anyway, the other upside of training here is getting to know athletes from all over. I thought I would drop a few names. This year seems to be the year of the women so far. Lisa Bentley, Dede Greisbauer, Katja Schumacher and Natasha Filliol. A little over 2 weeks until I head out west for the Timex Team Camp. I will be back for Florida 70.3 though. ;)

Hope everyone is doing well.



Jimmy Hinton said…
Nice rig. Why do people always photograph their bikes in front of the garage?
Blake Becker said…
haha, thanks. Probably because they aer afraid to show what is IN their garage.

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