Mar 14 Last Big Day & a new ride!

Wednesday Mar 14

Last Big Day before IMAZ today. Solid all around and the best part....the foot felt strong!

The swim was 4k straight to start. 500 build to pace and then mod-hard effort effort with a head-out 25 every 400. I picked the pace up over the last 500 and finished in just under 53min. I then put on the paddles and pulled 4x200 mod-hard to finish. The 200's were 2:32, 2:31, 2:32, 2:29. Then 200 cd. Total swim was 1:10 and 5000 yds.

Ride was 6:09 and just under 200km. The mainset was 3x40km and the rest as I felt. The first 40k was at IM watts, the second was actually 42km and was 6x(5km in 53-11 moderate effort, 2km recovery), last 40km was IM watts again.

Run off the bike very easy...picked it up as I started to feel stronger(even the ankle) toward the end. 25min and 5km.

Good day to end with build phase with. 7:45 total aerobic...we'll see if I can motivate myself for 30min of strength stuff tonight. Maybe save it for tomorrow ;)

Anyway, if the foot continues to get stronger, I will race on Saturday or Sunday...there are two races in the area.


Other news. I got my new Trek TTX 9.5 today. Timex sent it built up and ready to fly. Seriously fly, the thing looks really fast! Tomorrow I will take almost completely off and then another very easy day on Friday.

More to come soon......



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