Feb 9

Friday Feb 9

Well, I knew there would be a day when I would 'fail' a workout....if I didn't, how would I know how hard I could/should push myself.

Anyway, I had another big swim this morning and placed a vo2 run session after. I was pretty tired going into it, but felt good warming up and thought I could hit my paces...well, I got through 6 of 15 repeats and knew it was time to call it a day rather than risk an injury. Last year I probably would have done the session and ended up cooked for the weekend...this year I have a bit more knowledge.

Morning swim was 1:39 and 6300 yds 50x100 on 1:25, followed by 200k, then 16x25 every 4th fast on 30sec. 12x25 on 35sec, 8x25 every other fast on 40sec and then 4x25 all fast on 45sec, 100 easy cd. I went through some highs and lows throughout the set, that is usual and actually ended feeling quite good.

Tired when I finally did get home, but got to the track and aimed at 15x400 on 2min at Daniel's I pace. I may switch this one up after next week and shoot for 30 repeats or so in 1:20ish. We'll see. I ended up running steady for 1:04 and 14km today.

Afternoon steady ride of 2:07 and 65km. Felt good riding today, weather is beautiful. 75* and sunny with light winds.


Tonight a bunch of the guys did a beer mile and then we grilled out after. Good times, we had 10 people+ kids grillin.

To put the beer mile simply, 4 beers and 4 laps around the track. Gman, the guy I am staying with, took 2nd in 9:25. I was the official timer...maybe I will participate in April after IMAZ.

I am a bit shelled, time to call it a night.


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