Feb 8

Thursday Feb 8 (Recovery Day)

This time around, I have decided to integrate recovery days into my schedule even when I may not necessarly feel I need one. For me and others I know, we tend to only take recovery when it is our_only_option....meaning we are too tired to do anything but rest. Only problem is after a few rounds of this, we are so far overtrained(or injured), there is no coming back. At least that is what happened to me last season.

So, I will still be logging 30-40hrs a week up to IMAZ, but I will have recovery built in and if I need an extra day or two here or there, it is welcomed. I am also viewing my training as a block of training, instead of weekly. Viewing training as 'weekly' tends to make me(probably others too) think that I have_to get everything done in a 7 day period, why??

So, I have 3 weeks worth of 'key workouts' with recovery. It is scheduled to get done in 21 days, or it may take me 24. Either way, it gets done and I stay healthy and hungry.

BTW - I prefer to build enough key workouts into my schedule to take me to 24 days, then I can recover for 4 days. Most of the time I don't need an entire week to recover.


Ok, onto today's training:

Morning run of 16km and 1:18:xx out at the clay trail. This is a hot dirt loop that makes a 'box' through the orange groves of lake county. Run was easy with some steady(not much). Felt good.

Swim after the run 50min and 3100 yds. 3000 straight swim with an alternate stroke every 200. Easy for recovery. then 100k and out.

Good stretching and functional sterngth work. Late afternoon massage. I thought that there was still a promo going on for $55 for an hour....found out that they ended it and I had to pay $80, whoooops. Can't afford that again :) Oh well.

The weather is nice and I have a big weekend ahead. Some of the local boys are doing a beer mile tomorrow night at the track. Should be some good times.......


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