Feb 7

Wednesday Feb 7

Morning swim 1:42 6,000 yds.

Warm-up was 12x100 on 1:40. 16x50 drill/swim, 6x50 build to hard, 200 pace (2:29)

4x400 swim with pads steady on 1:30 base (5:09,5:07,5:07,5:08)
3x300 swim on 1:20 base (3:49,3:47,3:49)
2x200 swim with pads on 1:15 base (2:28,2:26)
100 best effort (1:08)

200k, 300 swim easy

Afternoon ride in the hills 3:11 and 90 km. 15min easy into 90min of 'triples' riding (every_single_hill that you come to in the pattern of sitting, standing, aero). My goal was to ride the flats at IM wattage, build to threshold watts on the hills and then take the descents easy. I counted 24 hills on my PT over the 90 min, PHEEEW!

Then 10min easy over to Mt. Sugar Loaf Road...it is the steepest hill in the area. It takes about 3min to ascend and is perfect for my vo2 strength intervals. Data from the repeats below

Goal was to ride 5x3min and start at 340w and build to 360w. Recovery was 1:30.

#1 - 338w Max HR 177 #2 - 340w Max HR 178 #3 - 350w Max HR 179

#4 - 355w Max HR 179 #5 - 359w Max HR 179

Rode steady home into easy run of 6km and 25min off the bike, easy building to HIM effort.

30min of core work, stretching and balance stuff in the evening. Welcomed recovery day tomorrow.


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