Feb 6

Tuesday Feb 6

Morning run of 22km. Descended 20km, then 2k cd. Broke the run into 4 out and backs of 5km each. The course was rolling with a strong headwind. The splits are not blazing, but I had a good strength session yesterday which I am still feeling and I ran this run more 'strong' than 'fast,' IMer's will know what I am talking about. Splits and HR:

#1 - 22:02 HR ?(didn't work)
#2 - 19:07 HR 165
#3 - 17:49 HR 168
#4 - 17:16 HR 175

Noon swim of 1:04 and 3200 yds. Mainset of 60x25 on 30sec, 20 swim and 40 with pads. This is my favorite power building workout...finally sunny in the pool to work on my tan :)

Afternoon easy/steady ride of 2:11 and 62 km. Boys Ranch to Bay Lake through Groveland and back on Cherry Lake.

Evening stretch and some strength for 30min.


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