Feb 26 & 27

Tuesday Feb 27

Today was a solid day all around. 14km steady run of 1:04 with Gman out at the clay trail. Ran the hilly route steady in the heat. It was HOT and HUMID today, 85ish with the heat index.

Good swim at the pool 1:51 6000 yds. WU of 400s, 16x50 every 4th hard on 45, 12x50 every 3rd hard on 50, 8x50 every other hard on 55 and 4x50 all hard on 60sec. Mainset of 10x100 as 75steady/25head out of water. Then 4x400 on 5:30(5:00-5:10), 4x200(2:33-37) on 2:45 and 4x100(1:15ish), All just steady swimming. I am still a bit tired in the water from my 10k workout last thursday.

45min of weights after the swim. Kept everything really light today, 3x20 @ 135 on the squats and did extra work on the adductors and abductors. Good stretch after.

Evening ride of 1:48 and 51km nice and easy. New D/A 7800 pedals! Love 'em!


Monday Feb 26

Today was a true recovery day. 3000 yds in the pool in 60min, then done for the day. Afternoon massage in Tampa and saw a TERRIBLE MOVIE (The Number 23).

Also, found out today that I will go to Kansas City next week for Timex to help promote their awesome Spenco Ironman Gloves and to speak to a tri group with a few other athletes. I will post more information as I get it.

I hope that everyone is doing well and I look foward to catching up soon!



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