Feb 25

Sunday Feb 25

Today was a long run out at the clay trail. If you haven't read my earlier posts, then I will give you a brief description. It is a hilly dirt road that makes a "box" through the orange groves that are south of Clermont. It tends to be hot and the road is packed well, perfect for long runs. The only two things that you have to watch for are snakes and bees.

Today the plan was to wu for 15min and then run 2hrs at IM effort, then cd for 15min. The run itself went great. Pinned the HR at 147-52 and just ran. Quite hot by the end of the run, 81* I think.

Anyway, on the way out at about 3 miles I noticed bee hives....but no bees??? Hmmm, wierd. I kept running and over the next mile I noticed a few more bees, then a few more, then I came over the next hill and I they were all over. I sprinted for the next 400m until they seemed to be gone...I wasn't going back that way! Luckily no stings and no more bee hives for the rest of the run. I did see a huge 6' snake at about mile 19...

Total run was 2:29 and 33 km. Good run.

Swim directly after of 10x50 to kick the junk out of my legs.

Good end to the third week:

Total hours around 30, with 26,500 yds of swimming, 430ish km on the bike and just under 80km of running with a solid 4hrs or yoga/strength work. Now I have a few easy days again.

I hope everyone in the midwest is digging out alright.



Anonymous said…
What a passion. You are following your bliss.
Unusual, makes for a happy life.

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