Feb 23 & 24

Saturday Feb 24

Today I had a good ride, 4:01 and 129 km. Windy and warm...what a suprise for Clermont :) The mainset for today's ride was solid:

30min build to 240w
50min @ 240w
10min easy
30min @ 280w
5min easy
10min @ 320w
5min easy
30min @ 280w
5min easy
50min @ 240w

Easy run off the bike easy effort, kept HR about 140-45 and saw miles that ranged from 6:55-7:20. 8km total.

60min of stretching/yoga at the NTC in the late afternoon. Pretty tired, but felt good when I left.


Friday Feb 23

Swim early with Marc, 1:01 3000 yds. mainset of 80x25 on :30 3hard/1easy. Shoulders felt the best after about 1500 of the 2k set...probably from the 10k I swam yesterday.

Descending run of 15k out at the clay trail. Fairly windy and pretty hot. But descended by 5km, 5k build to HIM, 5km build to 10k, 5k descend to 5k pace. Pace through the last km was about 3:03.

Afternoon 60min session of yoga and stretching...going to attempt this almost every night for recovery. 15min and 6km of easy spinning at the gym beforehand. About 30min of strength work after this.


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