Feb 19 & 20

Ok, well I sitting on my couch watching the NUMBER ONE team in the nation, my WISCONSIN BADGERS! I hope they don't let it go to their head and can pull out the win at Michigan State...we'll see.

I am writing this blog still shelled from today's training. It is finally warm again here(about 75-80* for the next week). Now onto the training for the last few days:

Tuesday Feb 20

I started the day off with my legs still pretty stiff from the weekend and my lats from yesterday's swim. But I was optimistic about today's set 4x1000 on 14:00 with no warm-up. My stiffness showed in the first 1000, as I came in at 13:58. I descended nicely for the set with a steady effort. #2 was 12:59, #3 was 12:57 and #4 was 12:55. I did a quick 250 cd to bring me to the IM distance and hopped out.

After a quick brakfast I headed out the door for my ride. Goal was to ride 6hrs in rolling terrain with as much steady riding as possible...with the race still in my legs, I wanted to avoid any hard riding. It was pretty windy today(big suprise:) but I ended up feeling pretty good throughout the entire ride. Ride time was 5:55 and 192 km.

I finished up the day with an 8k run off the bike at just under 3hr marathon pace. Effort, HR and pace lined up pretty well. mile splits were 7:15/142, 6:55/152, 6:35/160(hilly mile), 6:43/163(again hilly), then easy mile home.

Pretty dehydrated from the t-run, I am going to have to make sure to use a Fuel Belt for my longer runs in the next few weeks.

Good day, total training time a bit over 7hrs 30min. My goal is to hit 8:30 on my long days. I feel that most people have issues later on in their races because they don't train that long. Think about how long your long days are...maybe 6-6:30, no wonder athletes have trouble, they have never been working hard for that long. I have to have the ability to consistantly go 8-9hrs without a problem. That is the goal anyway.


Monday Feb 19

Morning swim of 1:35 and 5600 yds The wu was 400s, 8x75 kds, 4x50 build. ms was 7x100(1:13-16) on 1:25, 50 spint/easy by 25 on 50sec. the 6x100(1:13-6) on 1:25, 2x50 as before, 5x100 (1:12-15) on 1:25, 4x50 as before, 4x100 all out on 1:50(1:09,08,08,06) 6x50 as before, 3x100 all outon 1:50 (1:08,07,08), 8x50 again, 2x100 on 1:50 best effort (1:08,06), 12x50 mixed efforts, 100 easy + easy cd.

Weights 1:30 SM session, only 2 sets on everything today becuase I want to make sure I recovery from yesterday. I did 3 sets of squats as normal 20 @ 135,16 @ 165, 12 @ 205. Good core and a lot of stretching.

Afternoon steady ride of 2:05 and 65km Boy Ranch Bay Lake Loop. Felt good today.


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