Feb 14 5/5/5

Wednesday Feb 14

Today's Title is 5/5/5

What is that? you ask. My theme for the day, swim at least 5k, ride at least 5hrs in the hills and then run at least 5k off the bike. This is just a general endurance day, but I will hopefully build to a 6/6/6 day. Just a creative way to get in a big day of training.

Swim 1:31 5400 yds

600s, 8x100 on 1:30 descend by 4's, 8x50 on 50, every other hard. Then mainset of 8x400 descend by 4's again. #1 at 5:30(easy), down to 4:55ish for the 4th, then repeat, decided that I had a big day ahead and I just did a quick cd. Huge breakfast, then out the door to ride.

Ride 5:08 142km Today I headed into the hills, thus the low speed. Oh yeah, we had SCARY winds today as well. I couldn't ride on Hwy 19 b/c of the trucks and the wind. I did, however, find every hill I could through 3 out-and-backs on Cherry Lake, as well as 3 loops on Buckhill, Sugar Loaf, 561 and Grassy Lake. No structure, just easy to steady the entire time. Started out a bit flat and then felt pretty good after about 30min...this is a good thing to remember on race day if you get on the bike and don't feel great.

Easy run of 5km in 25min off the bike. Felt ok, just happy to be done with the wind.

The plan for the rest of the week is a REALLY easy day tomorrow, moderate day Friday, easy day Saturday and then Tampa Half Marathon on Sunday.

The big talk for this weekend is Nascar...maybe I can learn a thing or two, b/c I know nothing.


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