Feb 12

Monday - Feb 12 - Recovery Day...sort of.

Today was a recovery day, sort of, in that I had no cycling or running scheduled. Just swimming and weights.

Swim 2:12 7450 yds.

Morning swim 600s, 8x50 build to hard(1-4,5-8) on 10s rest, 6x100k, then 3x(550 hard effort on 20s rest and 4x100 hard on 1:30, 50 easy to reset), 200 easy, then 6x200 pull on 10s rest, descend 1-3 and 4-6, 4x75 as fast/easy/fast, cd

pm swim after weights of 1050 straight, mix swimming and drilling.

Weights: SM session. 20x135,16x165,12x205 on the squat. 3x12 dumbell lunges(60lbs), 3x20 single leg squat and 3x16 single leg calf raises continuous. Then usual upper body stuff that included, dips, fly, deltoid raises(3-positions), lat pull and swimmer pull-down. Followed up by 20min of core work and a bit more stretching on the infamous stretch-cage. 1:30 total time.

Not much else to report. Graham and Stacy are off to Hawaii today, so I have the casa to myself...well, me fat-cat and smokey(2 cats). Good times.

If the weather is nice tomorrow(suppose to rain) I will do an evening time trial that they have out at the airport. 7.5mi I think and dead flat. I have no race wheels right now, so if I do it I will have to ride my training rims.

Until next time...


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