Back on track...

Well, I am finally back on track...and online, for that matter. I had to be fairly cautious with my training for about two weeks, due to an old overuse injury. Lots of ice, stretching, epsom salt baths and massage have gotten me back to my usual training self.

Anyway, time is flying by here in Clermont. I have about 4 weeks left until I head to Boulder, Colorado to train for the summer. This is something that I am really looking foward to. Boulder is sort of the Hollywood of triathlon. This is where "it" is at. I am looking forward for the opportunity to meet as many people as possible and learn from the best.

For the rest of my time here I will race quite a bit since my overuse injury didn't allow me to race the past few weekends. I am heading to Birmingham, AL this weekend for Powerman Alabama, it is an event that every multisport athlete would like to do at some point in their career. It has been around for a long time and has some history that goes with it.

After racing there, I will race on April 15th over in St. Pete. for the Escape From Ft. DeSoto Traithlon with my good friend Marc Bonnet. The following two weeks I will be in St. Augustine for a sprint race and then at St. Anthony's for my big early spring event.


Ok, some good advice to all of you out there that may clean your own carpet some day in the future...DON'T!!! Justin and I have a few "easier" days this week to recover and we decided to spend yesterday cleaning the carpet of the place where we are staying.

We drove over to Home Depot and rented a carpet cleaning machine and came back expecting to transform our worn/soiled carpet into something that had a much nicer look...or at least a clean look. After it was all over and we had spent the entire day(actually afternoon) in our 90* house, it was hard to tell that we had actually cleaned anything at all. Sarcastically, we declared that cleaning carpet was our new favorite way to spend our easy days and that maybe we should start up our own carpet cleaning business to bring in income on the side.

Actually, the 24hr rental + cleaner was $54.23. I think that a better option may be to just spend the $100 to have a company come do it....or better yet, don't have carpet!! Bu then again, we would not have had as fun of an afternoon, nor the stories share!

Time to go swim. I hope that everyone is doing well and hope to see you all soon!

I want to get in a quick CONGRAT'S to my good friends, Matt and Ellen. I introduced the two of them back in college and they call lasts week to let me know that they are engaged!

Until next time(sooner, I promise;-)



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