Thankful for...

This afternoon was really the first "easy" ride that I have had down here since I arrived about 10 days ago. I really took notice to a lot of things.

First, Florida can be really beautiful when you are away from the sprawl that seems to be everywhere. It seems as though there are lakes in every direction and down every road. If you are away from traffic, it is actually quite peaceful. There are citrus groves ALL_OVER down here, it adds a color to the country side and an aroma to the air.

I have also notice other things that really make me thankful for what I have. Florida, is probably one of the hottest and most uncomfortable places in the country for much of the spring/summer/fall months. There are some houses here that aren't any larger than some people's living rooms. The houses are falling apart, the yards are not kepts up and I doubt whether many of them have even a window air conditioner. I remember growing up and feeling uncomfortable(sleeping with a washcloth on our forehead) though some of the warmer summer months in Wisconsin, and we had a window air conditioner downstairs. These people have heat and humidity that is far worse and they have to deal with it for months on end. It is really humbling.


On the training side of things, I kept it rolling today with a hard swim in the morning which was my fastest day to date in the water. It is really encouraging to see. Swimming with Joanna Zeiger a few lanes down and having a former Russian National Team swimmer on deck helps things alot! Maybe tomorrow we will be able to swim without feeling like we are in a cloud(due to fog).

I will have pic's posted in the next few weeks.

From the words of my stepdad, John, tonight:

"Eat well, sleep well, stay healthy, and don't sweat the small stuff."


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