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Triathlon Forum Launch

I wanted to let you know that I have created one of Wisconsin's first free public triathlon forums. I have posted a link to the website below, which is also linked off of my homepage over at The forum is a means for me to give back to the community and share the knowledge that I have gained over my last decade of training, racing and coaching. Most of the forum will be open to the public, with a few threads that will be reserved for my athletes.

You can post anything that you like regarding training, racing, nutrition, training routes or groups, recipes, social gatherings, races, injury, recovery and the list could go on forever. All are welcome, regardless of who coaches you or where you live, etc. Please forward this to all of your training groups and friends. Help me spread the word.

I will moderate the forum and will answer most questions within a very short period of time.

To access the forum, simply create a handle. Your information is not shared and…

Elkhart Lake & Now The Taper!

This last weekend I raced a very well run local triathlon as one of my last training sessions before I race IronmanCoeurd'Alene. I went into the race on about 48hrs of easy training after a huge day training on Wednesday. This is very similar to how I raced Memphis last month and it seemed to work well. This time I only gave myself 2 days easy compared to 3 for that race, so there was a little experimentation going on. Needless to say, everything went very well and results can be found here. Things are progressing well and I am ready to race the big boys in 2 weeks.
Now that I am into the taper, the rules are simple. Eat a lot, sleep a lot and complete all sessions at about 90% of what I think I need to do. I feel like I am rested now, which is exactly where I want to be. Trust the training, feed on the rest and get psyched to rock n roll.
In the mean time I will be posting developments on new coaching programs, a forum that is now up on my website here, and a new website th…

Memphis, Speed Concept, FInal Build & New Site

The last few months have been great in the triathlon department of life, so let me catch you up on things.
Memphis -
Two weeks ago I raced Memphis In May down in TN. I had a lot of training going into the race, but no "tests(races)," so I was unsure how things would go. A long story short, it went well. I finished 4th overall, just seconds off the podium, in a race that I played extremely conservative because of 100* temperatures. I swam strong in the non-wetsuit 1500m swim, rode tempo pace for the 38.5k ride and ran the best I could in the heat.
This was a very solid start to the year and it was also great to catch-up with all my friends who flew in for the race!
Speed Concept -
I have been on the new Trek Speed Concept for about 6 weeks now and the bike is nothing short of amazing. It truly is the fastest bike available with a cross wind and without. In addition to being fast, it is also pretty fun to look at. ;) There are no exposed cables, brakes or anything else t…