I'm back!! After a long break from posts, I am back on the wagon. Life, training and coaching has been keeping me very busy over the last few months, but is all going great. Here is a quick update for you.

Training is going very well right now and as the weeks go by the body is getting stronger and the anticipation for the first Ironman of the season is building. After seeing the gains and making the breakthroughs that I did last year, I wasn't sure what to expect in 2010.

Well now that we are in April, I think I have a pretty good idea. I am already building on the fitness that I peaked at for last season and on top of that, my mental picture is much more clear and my focus is direct and sharp. I know exactly what I want to do this year and how I am going about it!

Coaching is going well! I have a new structure this year that is making things affordable for all budgets! Email me with an questions!

Camps are filling quickly, so if you have an interest in a full catered weekend of training and learning with experts in this sport, email me for details. The weekends are all inclusive, minus lodging and travel and are priced at $400.

In other news, I am heading out of town on Monday to do some work for Trek over the next few weeks in CA and UT. I will keep you all in the loop with photo's and blurbs on what is happening!

Lastly, my first race of the season will most likely be Memphis In May on May 23rd.

More to come...


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