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2 weeks to go....

Less than two weeks to go until 'the big dance' over in Kona and I am moving pretty well right now. Besides bike numbers that are about 10% higher then the summer, I am swimming well and I would classify my running as solid.

For me and my racing, a lot revolves around the 180k ride and fact that I am feeling strong here, gives me a lot of confidence for Oct. 11. I am building each week as i get closer to the race and will just do a short rest before game time.

I am very excited to toe the line again and will check in again in a few days.


Two weeks also marks the start of a LOT of traveling. more details to come soon. But, I am excited for the coming winter, to say the least.



My New Philosophy......

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

New Level....

Well, it seems that we have figured out a few things based on my last few rides....

#1 - I built a lot of fitness late in the season.

#2 - I was very tired out there racing at IMWI

#3 - It took 4 weeks to recover from that training

#4 - It is going to set me up well for Kona.

My long ride today was far and above anything that I have seen. Normalized power was 278 watts, with zero fading (I am 70kg's). This is is 27 watts higher than my best ride this summer, which was before IMCDA....that is about 10%...which is A LOT.

I think that I have spent so much of my short athletic career over reached, tired, under fed and focused on a few things that probably don't really matter. When I walk around shelled, 40 weeks out of the year, it is easy to think that is what is 'normal' and what I 'should' be feeling. I am not going to go into any more detail, but will just say that a few things are going to change.

I am really looking forward to having fun in kona and putting together…

Silver Linings.....

Well....I have always thought that there is a silver lining to everything bad that happens. I think that the key is to just stay positive, see the glass half full and keep working hard. The good seems to come when you least expect it.

My race at IMWI is turning out to be no exception. After the race I immediately started recovering with 2-3 short sessions of 30-60min each day.

After a week, I still kept the volume down...but started to add back intensity. I have changed a few things, am now back training full steam and seeing THE best numbers of the year. I will be in Kona...motivated and hungry for a good race.

See you out there!


What do you do when....

...the road gets steep? The above pic is from Lefhand Canyon, looking up at Ward, Colorado. If you know that climb, you know that it is steepest in the last mile. Now picture that climb as the road to what you want to accomplish (that being getting to Ward....or for me, going fast in an Ironman and making a living in triathlon). On a day when you have "gone to see Elvis," or are dead tired, or have had 13 bad Ironman races, you get to the last mile of the climb and it would be easy to turn around and roll home. To say "I just can't do it." What would you do? - Well, I push like hell, until I get to that general store in town...regardless of how I feel. "Can't" is not in my vocabulary. I really believe that the road to where we want to be is not easy. It requires taking a risk or two, giving up opportunity over on easy street and going against the grain...but the rewards will be great. Just believe in yourself and your ability, every step of the way…


Just a short post on IMWI.

Thanks for all the great emails, calls and texts. It was not my day out there, but I did breakthrough with a 52:16 swim and started the bike with the leaders. I rode along in 4th for a while and then slipped to 8th, then made it back up to 6th before I flatted at mile 60. After that I just didn't have any strength on the bike. I ran ok for about 15mi, before stomach probs forced me to slow.

I did finish. This is something that I believe you always have to do unless you have a medical reason. I will now recover for a week before continuing to move forward. Thanks for reading!




...and only 2 days left before the I hit the line on Sunday.

The weather over last 2 days has been HORRIBLE! 55* and pouring rain (thanks to Hurricane Gustav). The upside to this rain is that it is likely to bring the water temps down...and maybe far enough to give us wetsuits...wouldn't THAT be sweet!

Anyway, this will likely be the last post before the race. My body feels ready to go and mentally I am in a good spot! You can follow along on starting at 6:45am on Sunday.

Part 1: Why Wisconsin?

Some people ask me the question:

"Why do you stay in Wisconsin to train during the summer?"

I have always responded with words, but knew that it was one of those things that you had to experience to believe. This place is pretty far from anything in SoCal or Colorado, but I will argue that we in Wisconsin have some of the best bike training anywhere in the country.

Since I have more time on my hands and new camera, I will be bringing you pics that hopefully give you a better idea of what things are like here. Stay tuned...