What do you do when....

...the road gets steep? The above pic is from Lefhand Canyon, looking up at Ward, Colorado. If you know that climb, you know that it is steepest in the last mile. Now picture that climb as the road to what you want to accomplish (that being getting to Ward....or for me, going fast in an Ironman and making a living in triathlon). On a day when you have "gone to see Elvis," or are dead tired, or have had 13 bad Ironman races, you get to the last mile of the climb and it would be easy to turn around and roll home. To say "I just can't do it." What would you do?
Well, I push like hell, until I get to that general store in town...regardless of how I feel. "Can't" is not in my vocabulary. I really believe that the road to where we want to be is not easy. It requires taking a risk or two, giving up opportunity over on easy street and going against the grain...but the rewards will be great. Just believe in yourself and your ability, every step of the way.
It is easy to dip out and to say you tried, but for me it is different. My passion, heart and soul is in this battle and I will win it, regardless of what it takes....there are no exceptions here, just a period at the end of that statement.
So, now...I am more motivated than ever and will win this battle. PERIOD.


Chris Wichert said…
i'm a fellow wisconsin triathlete and enjoy reading your blog and following your results. your impressive results over shorter distances are going to translate to a really fast ironman at some point, just keep working and stay positive.

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