Done.....for now ;)

I have successfully made it through this Ironman build. My body is tired and I am welcoming the rest and strength that I will gain with each passing day and night of sleep.

I have a solid plan that I am going to execute in a few weeks and believe in all the work that I have done. At the end of the day, my only goal is to execute this plan. Of course there are numbers in my head, but only Kurt and I know about them.

Right now, I am focused on my taper and getting as strong as I can in the next 2 weeks.


As a side note, I want to congratulate all at IM Canada today. Bryan Rhodes took the win after a tough year racing, my good friend Justin Daerr took 5th (only seconds out of 4th), teamate Kyle Marcotte was 6th, Lisa Bentley had a solid comeback race after an injury, Mark Van Akkeren lead the race into the marathon, while Gordo & Jonnyo also mixed it up out there after being sick most of the year.

Nice work out there today everyone, VERY impressive.


Sue said…
watched IM Canada today...last year we were up up is your turn...sounds like training is going solid. Thats all good...

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