Some People Make Me Wonder.....

...what the hell they are thinking. Sorry to all those that are use to the PG13 entries, but today I almost got smoked by a car while running....and it wasn't an accident.

I was out for my run this morning and was in the middle of a tempo interval when came to a road crossing. I was on a bike path and decided to make a left hand turn onto the road. The road is wide enough to park on both sides and drive city buses down it in both directions, so you get the picture.

There is a section of about 1/4 mile where I have to run on the road, where the cars are normally parked(there weren't any), before the sidewalk begins on my side of the road. So, I am running down the road and there is one car that is coming toward me, with no other cars in sight. All of a sudden, he swerves toward the curb(and me) and starts to gun it. WTF!!!! He is pointing at the sidewalk on the other side of the street, yelling(obviously), and speeding in some beat up old Chevrolet Caprice. He narrowly goes by as I properly greeted him.

What the H E double hockey sticks is he thinking? What if I would have gotten confused and tried to cut across and been hit, paralyzed or axed all together....all because some morone woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

He is lucky I didn't turn around and catch him at the stop sign (which he probably rolled through:). I had so much adrenalen flowing, I don't know what would have happened.

This story has probably been quite amusing to some of you who know me. I don't really ever get angry...except when I almost meet my doom by either getting run off the road by an 18 wheeler(in Arizona) or am a target of someone behaving like this.

Please don't risk someone elses life in trying to make a point. If you kill yourself, that is one thing....but someone else is a completely different story.


luke_witkowski said…

How horrible of a situation you were in...glad to hear it was just a scare and not anything worse. Just as you posted this entry today Iron Wil posted this one - check it out. It's by far the worst athletic tragedy picture I've ever seen. No matter how careful we are out on the road we can never control others. Let's continue to be as safe as possible out there and hope something like this doesn't happen to us or the friends and family we care the most about.
Anonymous said…
Glad you are ok - that is pretty scary when that s**t happens. Some people do make me wonder...what goes thru their mind that makes them think to do such things? Something I will never understand.

I've had it happen to me twice on the bike. Both times were on Range Trail Rd in Verona. Both times I was in the shoulder or as far right as I possibly could be and the car was coming the opposite direction.

The person saw me and I saw them and I made/felt like I made eye contact with both drivers thru their windshield and my sunglasses making sure that there are no last minute mistakes by either them or myself.

Well, like your situation, I have no idea what they were thinking...because at the last minute they decided to swerve towards me - crossed the center line and then quickly turned away as if they were playing 'chicken' with me.

Very scary stuff.

Ride and Run Smart. Ride and Run Safe.

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