This shoe may look familiar to some folks...or maybe not if you have never run in the Asics DS Trainer line. Anyway, this is next year's shoe(DS Trainer 13) that I have ordered from the UK. It should be here in a week and about 2 months before it is released in the US. The DS Trainer 12 seemed like a step down to me, Asics changed the overall "feel" of the shoe. It went from a shoe that felt like a racing shoes, so somewhat of a heavy trainer. The 2008 DS Trainer 13 is said to have a lot of the characteristics that were present in the older versions of the shoe. We will see and I will report my thoughts after a few k's in 'em.


In other news, I have decided that swimming makes you the most hungry out of any of the multisport disciplines. I have also decided that it is necessary to eat mass quantities of CHO all the time to swim fast.

I will be getting a few lessons in the pool this week, in an attempt to gain some more free speed.

Hope all is well....Christmas lights are going up and the Starbuck's cups have turned red, must mean that it is going to get cold here soon!

More soon,



Jodi said…
How do you like the new DS trainers? I'm looking for a new lightweight trainer and it's on the shortlist. I was a bit hesitant because of all the bad reviews of the 12...


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