10 Days

Well, I am now 10 days out from my next big "A" race and I am getting a little bored. I have taken care of almost everything that I needed to this week and am ready for race week already. Even though I think that body has no problem resting for a few extra days:)

I gave my last seminar of the season lastnight at the Trek Bike Store, here in Madison. The topic was Ironman Wisconsin (of course) and I had about 20-25 turn up. I get a lot of reward out of doing this type of stuff. I really felt like a lot of people will have a little less stress in this last 10 days because of the questions I was able to answer. We had A LOT of left over food, so we need more to show next time.

Today I had a track workout this morning and will be headed to the pool for a short swim in a little while. Hopefully the rain will clear for me ride this afternoon. I basically have 4 days of important training left after today. From then on in, it is time to watch a little more t.v., drink more coffee, maybe read(but I never do so well in this department) and catch up on a few things that I have let go in the last 6 weeks.

Just wanted to check in and I will do so again in a few days!!!



luke_witkowski said…

You were looking strong when I saw your running in the Arb last Sunday. Best of luck next Sunday. I'll be cheering you on.


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